Planet’s best web designer

September 19th, 2007

Planet’s best web designer

Just experimenting, I have been reading some sample chapters of the Web Design Business Kit by Brendon Sinclair Searched his site Tailored consulting and thought I’d have a crack at his methods.

Hope he appreciates the hot links coming from a google page rank 0 site, you never know he may return the favor.
I think I have mentioned in previous posts that my understanding of how these things work is growing, for my goal through learning and reading, the attainment of knowledge is to rise to the exulted position of planet’s best web designer.

I have recently finished a site for a client, and the site comes up top of google listings for specific searches, such as ‘owners name’. lynsey birchall What she does, being that it is like web design itself practiced by many a specific search for photographic retouching brings no results to the top of google’s searches.
I know it’s all about page linkage and the fact that I am not at this time the planets best web designer is quite irrelevant.
Right the crux of this little situation lies in the fact that I have no resource/access to a google ranked site more than what I have created myself.

peafowl being a page rank 1, Yeah scream for joy and recognition. I expect my best option will be a site I did some time ago (Needs a revamp) Rachels site
Not as yet checked the ranking, but the site is linked to from the site that produced her albums. DB Studios and Cross Rhythms and one or two other good links.
So in the best interest of everyone involved I try to use the created linkage to its best advantage and share the wealth, and indeed things are beginning to happen, my own exposure over the last 12 months has increased by a %age not huge, but never-the-less we are traveling in the right direction.
Infinity and beyond.. cheers Buzz.

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