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March 17th, 2008

Hi this is my personal weblog, The site is powered by wordpress, which
serves to give the site it’s interactivity, It is an extension of my first site, Central12.com a delightful journey into the past/future. and my experiments in cyberspace.

My Journey

It all began with my first pc, about 8 years ago,
It began at the dawn of time.

playing around with photo software, learning coral, It was quite some time to be honest
(before i decided my nose needed scratching)
before I got connected to the net, and quite some time after that

that my legs and movement and composition of nature
before I turned my hand to creating web pages.
Watching you, watching me.

I am not by any stretch a prolific writer, spend too much time on that
but i do like to write and consider it later.
one pixel alignment that just isn’t right. You know the one that
(even if it’s a boulder in a desert.)
nobody else would notice.

Having said all that I think I have progressed
to the rank of Jedi
quite a way, with a reasonable, nay comprehensive knowledge of css and
cyber jargon
html, xhtml. A growing understanding of php and MySql, learning through

familiarity with the eternal chaos
trial and error, on this wordpress platform.
and drinking tea
Mostly fun, often frustrating, i’ll grind my teeth, scratch my head,
Check out the latest theory of everything

but in the end it will happen.
And I will make a, da dah Separation.

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