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Geminids:the year 2009

Geminid meteor shower 09


Excellent pic by Wally Pacholka at

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Albrecht Dürer

Year: 1514

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The Killers Las Vegas 19 09 09

My wife is a victim

All photos by Jo

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Getting away with it !

Billions of web sites..
I’m just guessing, but I reckon that has to be reasonably accurate.
And what do we want,

    To discover the secrets of the univese
    To maybe live long enough to live forever
    To underatand more primarily our purpose in the scheme of things
    To partay
    To survive
    To underatand
    To comprehend
    To write, and receive comment,
    To connect
    To draw wisdom
    To enjoy a solid nights sleep
    To dream
    To take flight
    To conjure the seemingly impossible
    To be pure energy..

Oh my word, it is our destiny
For the illusion resides in names, historical characters, organic biomass and a contingency reliant upon an understanding of ‘times arrow’ .
Be gone with you matter, for my mix is heavy detailed and constantly in flux.
It is my time and I will fire up the flux capacitor..
See you out there.
Timmy oh Leary where art thou..

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Home: The movie

Planet Earth: Home

A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

His Website

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Brougham Castle

Brougham Castle

Photo Album here.

Photo Album here.

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Supernatural Southport

It has been a while

My home, my refuge recently deserted

But I am back,
I admit with pictures, I do have lots to say, but more to do, a priority being the re-design of this place, ah, but the time and effort involved, when the couch and television beckon.
Here goes:

I am going to throw in another pic, not one of mine, but I like it, hand drawn.

Check this out

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Metallica Manchester 09

Metallica Live Manchester 09

Check out the album: Metallica Live Manchester 09

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Celebs: read my blog!

Spirulina, food colour, why ingest through choice of will, other than your daily smartie intake.
Perhaps I am missing something, watching Anna friel on Rossy, they swigged concoction of… Not sure, but spirulina was mentioned.
See link Spirulina
I would recommend Astragalus if you are dabbling with random remedies.
Need a better wordpress interface for the iPhone.
Watching Stargate Atlantis.

What else is new?

Nowt really, waiting for a glimmer, thoughts cascading into my gray matter like neutrinos from the sun.
Still lurking around ideas.
Subtle subtlety.
Am I being drawn into the world of warcraft?
sychronisity and her mysterious ways..

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the grunge of macabre history versus the clinical precision of the scalpel

The drill

the drill .
The grippy tongues

This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

Check out ‘in ancient Egypt’

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