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Video conversion to meta injection

Hidden complexities

So on and off over the last couple of days, I have been over at the flowplayer forum, getting help and information from a couple of the members there as to why my particular video wasn’t working properly.

To begin I started with windows movie maker just for a bit of fun and to check out the quality of the software, ending up with a really dodgy 36 second film.
So as you can see I added a couple of effects a transition or two and threw in a tune, Now at this point I wanted to add my video, or at least gain the ability to put this video into a web page.
And not just put it there to run in a continuous loop, but have a player to play pause rewind etc.
Enter Flowplayer:
Check out the finished product, (for sake of testing only).
If you decide to follow the link to the video, you can find there a link to the thread describing how I overcame difficulties with meta data.
The hidden info that describes the quality of your film.

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Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

Do search engine algorithms send out popular current media based query’s to see where and in what proportion general searches are made, and thus rendering the analytics service you have full of error?

I am quite lazy in this aspect, although improving my methodology, I have on this very blog ‘plugins‘ installed that allow me to add unique headers and meta information to individual pages whilst keeping the ‘on the fly style publishing’.

I rarely do this due to some weird obsessive behavior i have about bloating code, but back to my original thought, this site is getting regular hits from all around the world.
I have had better maps, but you get the general impression. There are areas to investigate.
To travel to the Kamchatka peninsula (hay guys out there.)

Website recent visitors

It’s about learning to understand your own thought processes, and the processes of others. For example, I had a hit a while ago, from Roswell New Mexico. I was understandably made up, (If you havn’t figured, you might if you stick around.), anyway i have a pic of said event, for reasons of verification in this conspiratorial world.
And to prove to myself that my own processes enabled me to find the pic below with only a small amount of effort.

Roswell New Mexico
Any where, everywhere the human spirit can find you, it’s quest for knowledge, or trivia, or something in-between.
Out there with ‘meta madness’

3 comments April 30th, 2008

Who is slightly Insane.

Could I be referring to myself?
and I have some pretty freaky neural connections.
‘She will make me , may she bake or me.’
It came from the chair

Who is slightly insane now, sat on a chair.

Considering the structure of chair in relation to it’s occupant seems to be the considered thing to do.
And drinking tea with sugar, refined of course.

My computer is noisy

Hello voice, what where you saying about the need for more fans,. and he said thats where seoppop comes into it.

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More search engine optimization

What a Crazy Day

and where to begin. This morning I decided to delete by ftp half my blog functional files thinking I was deleting an old application. That was a little frustrating, but I knew no permanent damage was done.
Then I randomly checked another site of mine and I was getting a 403 error. Ok what is happening. I Reinstalled accidentally deleted files from a recent backup which then resulted in a 403 error on my blog also. Any way at the same time as my site is down I realize that I have the best incoming link to my blog in my web design career to date.
I noticed in search results this link.
link to my site from Brendon Sinclair blinked a couple of times, shook head, paced around for a minute cursing my stupidity now holding head in both hands and screaming inside. This guy is currently featured on the front page of sitepoint.

Ah hay hay:
sitepoint A web developers resource, with articles forums and tutorials.
So I have this fab link and my site is down. Yeah great first impressions for the hoards of people, web site traffic coming my way. Rapidly going crazy..
Brendon’s post referenced a post I had made a couple of days ago concerning optimizing pages/websites for search engine ranking.

Tips from Mr marketing

Anyway in Brendon’s post he suggests methods to improve the google visibility of a site I had just finished the design phase of.

What To Do

1. Mention photographic retouching early in the title tag of the page you want to be found for someone searching for photographic retouching
2. Mention the phrase in the meta description
3. Mention the phrase on the page
4. Get links to the page using the words photographic retouching as the link text

Playing the waiting game

I have made the modifications to Lynseys site, on the index page just the meta description, but in the photographic retouching pages I have incorporated all of the tips given and will look to further improve keywords and meta descriptions.
Cheers again Brendon, I am luvin’ this global community.

1 comment September 21st, 2007

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