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Just a pic


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Posty app


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Hi from molly

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The wraith are out there:

ticking is time,
evaluate your prime
for in terms of wakefulness
the arrow of time appears…
and is gone,
historical relevance
architectural benevolence,
a stone wall here,
a symbolic meaning there,
Cruising as Earth, alone in infinite whatever,
a glean or glimpse
magical objectivity, considering the molecule of cure,
and more…
as you undoubtedly know,
the secret scroll is lost amongst the sacred sand dunes.
And then again, my reality is warped, and influenced by my habitual consumption.
For I am an electrical entity surrounded by degrading flesh, and a unharmonious realisation,
or indeed perception of what my eyes and brain consider reality.
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Another post called ‘perspective’

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Night of a thousand thrills

A Night of a 1000 Thrills’ is a celebration of Helens life;
check out the site night of a thousand thrills
it’s about keeping that smile alive. It’s about getting together as a group of people who share a devotion to The Killers and having one hell of a night!! It is also about raising as much money as possible for our 3 nominated charities:

myositis support group
Lupus UK
War Child

This is just a little indesign experiment I tried on a photo gallery.
Photos taken at the Relentless garage 08 09 10 Brandon Flowers playing Flamingo.

All pics taken by Jodi. Check her out..

Also the tutorial for the indesign gallery is here:

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Two links on same line.

So I’m at the wordpress forums and this came up,
two links on the same line

weblink1 weblink2

Now can any one help me with a permalink problem!

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Night of a 1000 thrills

Check out the site


A quick graphic displaying the statistical interactions with this web page.

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